T-Client on Windows8 developers Preview

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概要 T-Client on Windows8 developers Preview
詳細 windows 8 Windows8 under the name of Windows Developer Preview can be downloaded as of September, 2011.

We installed windows8 in virtual host of geust OS in kvm under Linux Fedora15. Virtual machine was preset as x86_64 Windows7 64 bit. kvm was installed by yum.

Screen shot right showed the start page just after logging Windows8 in.

This version seemed still under development. Extraordinary CPU usage was marked and not possible to boot OS by one action, shutdown taking long time, etc.

However, network connection was successful without problem.

windows 8 Then, Web Conference T-Client standard was installed on Windows8.

Like other OS, T-Client was installed from website without problem.

We logged in the free room tclient.

Since kvm could not recognized web camera in this PC, video could not be shown, but audio was playing. See volume of play back device.

Recording device, mic, became error. We could not find the reason whether kvm or Windows8 related.

Windows8 may be released around 2012. We will release T-Client compatibility report from time to time.
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